How do I quickly browse the stuff in my account once I have a lot of files?

From Photos & Videos, Music, and Documents sections, you can zoom out at any time to take a quick look at all your content. Simply click or tap on any of the date or artist headers to collapse or expand that section. When sections are collapsed, the left side of the view window shows the month / year or letters of the alphabet. This is the "zoom scroll jump bar"; click on a month / year or letter to jump to the relevant section.

When viewing a list, you can quickly scroll through previews of the files in that list. Available lists you can navigate this way include a Loop's file list, a Flow event such as uploads & Loops, a list in a content tab such as Photos & Videos. Click on any file in a list to view its preview. To browse & scroll through the list, swipe (mobile), click the left & right arrows (mobile & desktop), or use your keyboard's left & right arrow keys. To learn more about scrolling & previews, click here to watch a video demo.

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