Can I delete content from Flow?

Flow is a tab in the Upthere Home app that shows upload progress, new uploaded content, shared content, comments, and changes to a Loop (renamed, leave, and invited). It’s also the go-to place to learn about new features; Upthere "onboarding cards" appear to assist you with inviting friends to Upthere and importing content.

You can delete files from Flow just like you can in other tabs / content list views. Open the overflow menu, click or tap "Delete items", and select your files.  Note: to select your files, expand the event cluster the file resides in by clicking on it, then click each file to select. When you've selected all the files, click the checkbox for "Remove and unshare content" and click "Delete" to confirm.

Please keep in mind you can only delete content that you have personally uploaded to your Upthere account.  If you remove someone else’s content from a shared Loop, it's removed from the Loop, but you do not delete the owner's original file.

Remember, once you've deleted a file from your Upthere account, it cannot be retrieved.  You can get it back, however, by adding it again to your account.

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