Can I share content and Loops with friends and family without them having an Upthere account?

Yes - you can add content to a Loop, publish that Loop, and send a shareable link so a friend can view the content in a web browser. Follow the instructions below to publish a Loop on your device of choice:

Using a Mac or Windows 10 desktop, select a Loop from the list on the left side of the app, then click Details in upper right corner. Next, click the checkbox for "Public web page”, then click "Copy or post public link" and share the URL with anyone you wish.

Check out the video demo below to publish a Loop, grab a shareable link, and view it in a web browser. To see how it appears when viewed in a public share page, click here.

Using an iOS or Android device, tap the Loops tab and select a Loop from the list. Tap the information symbol in the upper right corner. Next, toggle the slider to the right to enable "Public web page”, then tap "Copy or post public link" and send the shareable link to anyone you wish.

Note: The shareable link that displays your published Loop is only accessible by people you've sent it to. It is not publicly discoverable on the web or indexed by search engines.

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