How do I view all my files in the Upthere web app?

If you're using the Upthere web app, you may sometimes see only a subset of your files in a list. To prevent excessive data usage, we do not preload the previews for all files by default. So a few extra steps are needed to display all your files in the web app.

Please log in at and click "Photos & Videos" on the right side of the page. This will show many of your photos & videos, but not all of them. To load more items, click on the downward-facing arrow icon to the right of the header ("2017" or "April"). Then scroll down to the bottom of each group and click "Show More" to load more items. You can also use this method when viewing a Loop's file list. Click on a Loop to view a partial list, click on the downward-facing arrow icon to the right of the header ("Photos & Videos", "2017", "April"), scroll down and click "Show More" to load more items. Here's a brief video demo showing how to do this:

In addition to our web app, check out our Upthere Home apps for Mac & Windows 10 desktops and for iOS & Android devices. Our native apps have a ton of features for viewing, searching, organizing, and sharing your scanned photos. Visit our downloads page at and download the Upthere Home app for your chosen platform & device. Note: the page will automatically offer you to download Upthere Home for Mac, so you can simply exit out of that pop-up to choose a different app.

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