Can I search the text inside of my files?

Yes! Using the Upthere web app, you can search the text contents inside your documents — Adobe Acrobat files (.PDF), spreadsheets, presentations, Microsoft Office documents, text documents, and tons of other file types for Mac and Windows. No more trying to guess where a certain word, number, or phrase appears in your files — let our search do the work for you!

To try it out, log into the Upthere web app and put your mouse in the search box on the right side of the page. Enter the number 150 to search your budget spreadsheets for an entry of $150.00. Try searching for any text that appears in your docs such as your tax documents or work documents. Here's a sample search for "originalFileKey" in some old work documents:

Once we see search results, click on a document to open it. Next, click into the text of the document, then press the Command + F keys on your Mac’s keyboard (Ctrl + F on a Windows keyboard). This will display a small Find utility in the upper left corner — enter the same words you searched for earlier:

This will show you all instances of the search terms in your document. You can then use the Find utility’s arrow buttons (to the right of the search box) to jump to the exact spot where the term appears. Here's a full video demo showing this with various file types:

Here's a list of file types whose text contents are searchable in the Upthere web app:

Mac & Windows:

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • MS Word (.doc , .docx)
  • MS Excel Spreadsheet (.xls , .xlsx , .csv)
  • MS PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt , .pptx)
  • Text (.txt .rtf .log .js .php .asp & any code / source / web page)
  • Web page (.html , .htm)
  • Email Messages (.pdf as exported by Gmail > Google Drive)

Mac only:

  • Numbers spreadsheet (.numbers)
  • Keynote presentation (.key)
  • Pages document (.pages)

Windows only:

  • MS Outlook email messages (.msg)

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