What is a Loop and how does it work?

Loops are persistent groupings of people and content. They’re an easy way to organize or privately share your stuff with friends and family. A shared Loop is created whenever you share your stuff with someone. This shared Loop brings together what each person in the Loop shares. Once a shared Loop is created, anyone in the Loop can add or remove stuff or invite more people — everyone is equal. The changes are visible to all participants so everyone is always up to date.

You can also use Loops for personal organization of stuff like recipes, playlists, and tax documents by keeping the Loop private. A Loop is private until you explicitly invite someone. For detailed steps & demo videos on using Loops, visit our FAQ How do I share files in a Loop?

You can also save files another user shared with you to your own Upthere account. Whenever you add a shared file to a new or existing Loop, it’s automatically copied to your own account.  To save shared files to your own Upthere account, view the Loop another user shared with you that contains the files you wish to save. Next, click or tap the overflow menu button and click or tap "Add items to a new or existing Loop". Next, click or tap the files from this Loop that you wish to save - a checkbox will appear over each file you pick. Lastly, click or tap “Your Upthere” to select your account, then click or tap “Add” to confirm.

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