How do I add music files to my account?

To add music files to your Upthere account, follow these steps:

Using Upthere Home for Mac, click the menubar in the upper left corner, select "Preferences”, then select the checkbox for “iTunes”.  Any new music you add to your iTunes account will be automatically added to your Upthere account when you open the Upthere app on your Mac.

Using Upthere Home for Mac or Windows 10, you can drag-and-drop individual music files & entire folders of files directly into the Upthere Home app.

Using Upthere Home for Windows 10, you have two additional options:
Go to the Home section, click the red “Select files” button, then choose the files to add
Click the chevron icon to open the overflow menu, select “Import”, then choose the files to add
Using Android devices, click "Import Items" in the upper left corner of the screen and use the "Open from" left menubar to select files to add.

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