How do I stream music in Upthere Home?

From the Music tab, click or tap on a music file to begin playing it. You can control playback from the top of the Flow tab in Upthere Home for iOS & Android devices, and in the lower left corner of Upthere Home for Mac and Windows.

- On an iOS device, music controls are also displayed on the Apple’s Control Center when the phone is locked.

- On an Android device, music controls are also displayed on the top menu bar. They can also be displayed on the lock screen by going into your Android device's settings, tap on “Sound and Notification”, tap on “When device is locked”, then select “Show all notification content”.

Upthere Home's search lets you quickly & easily find any artist, album, or song in your account. From the search results, you can then select specific albums & songs, add them to a playlist, and play your music. And once the music player begins streaming your tunes, you can do other tasks such as add content, organize your files, and share your stuff with friends & family. Check out the video demo below to see how easy it is: 

Also, check out the music player in the Upthere Home web app. Log in at using a web browser on your Mac or Windows PC. Next, click "Content" at the top of the page, then scroll down the page and click the gray "Music" button. When the page loads, click on an artist to display albums by that artist. Next, click on a song to load its preview, then click the play button to begin playback:

The web app's music player has a slider (click & slide the blue circle) that lets you skip to anywhere in the song you'd like.  Also, use the last track / next track arrows (or your keyboard's left & right arrow keys) to skip to the previous & next track on the album. There's even a download button in the upper-right corner of the page (and in the lower right corner of the player). 

Other playback tips:

- iOS devices:  You can tap on an album name in the Upthere Home app to play & pause it. You can also add music files you're listening to into a new Loop to make a music playlist.

- Android devices:  You can tap & hold an album name to select all tracks, then add them to a new Loop to make a playlist.

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