How do I reset two-factor authentication with my backup code after changing my phone number?

If you've lost your phone or changed your phone number after signing up for two-factor authentication (2FA), you'll miss text messages from Upthere with your 2FA codes and, if you log out of your account, you cannot log in again.

Good news — using your 2FA backup code, you can log in, temporarily turn off 2FA, and turn it back on after you've retrieved your phone or get a new phone number.  Here's how to get back into your account:


Log into the Upthere web app at using your email address & password


When prompted to enter your 2FA code, enter the backup code we gave you when you enabled 2FA


Once you're logged into the Upthere web app, click "Account" in the upper right corner


Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Disable two-factor authentication", then click the "Yes" button


You're now able to log into your account again

Since you're back up & running, we recommend turning 2FA back on, then you can enter your new phone number and receive 2FA codes again (or enter it once you replace your lost phone).  Also, please note that your backup code is single-use only, and you'll be given a new code after you re-enable 2FA, so make sure to keep the new code somewhere safe.

Note:  If you've lost your 2FA backup codes and cannot log in, contact and we'll guide you through a highly secure process to reset 2FA and get you back into your Upthere account.

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