Can I log into Upthere with Google Smart Lock?

Yes!  We've integrated the Upthere mobile apps with Google Smart Lock - check out our blog post below to learn more!

Creating and remembering secure passwords for different services is difficult and cumbersome — and typing in secure passwords on mobile devices is a nightmare. To make this annoying but necessary process easier for our users, we’ve added support for Google Smart Lock for Passwords, Google’s password manager for Chrome and Android, to Upthere Home on Android.

Smart Lock makes it easy to sign in to Upthere Home on your Android device without typing in your credentials over and over. As long as you use Chrome or Android connected to a Google account, Upthere Home will not require a password to sign in, instead remembering it from before and automatically signing you in to Upthere.

For security purposes, we don’t store your password locally on the device at all. This means if you want to use Smart Lock going forward, you’ll need to type your password in one more time the next time you sign in to Upthere Home.

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