How do I save files another user shared with me to my own Upthere account?

After another user has shared content with you, adding or re-sharing it in a new or existing Loop will automatically copy it into your own Upthere account. Please be aware that content other users share with you does *not* count against your storage usage. However, if you share it in one of your own Loops or save it to your own account, it is yours, and counts toward your storage usage.

There's also another way to save shared files to your own account. View the Loop another user shared with you that contains the content you wish to save. Next, click or tap the overflow menu button and click or tap "Add items to a new or existing Loop". Next, click or tap the files from this Loop that you wish to save - a checkbox will appear over each file you pick. Lastly, click or tap “My Upthere” (e.g. "Ali's Upthere") at the top of the list, then click or tap “Add” to confirm. Note: the "My Upthere" option will only appear if the selected file is not yet in your Upthere account.

You can access the overflow menu and the Add to Loop option from several places in the Upthere Home app:


A sharing event shown in the Flow tab (e.g. "Someone shared items" and the files' thumbnail icons)


A single shared file's preview area


A shared Loop's file list in the Loops tab (mobile apps) or on the left side of the screen (desktop apps)

For a demonstration of this, check out the video below:

Tip: to find files another user shared with you, go to the Loops tab (mobile apps), swipe downward from the top of the Loops view, then tap "Shared". In the desktop apps, locate the Loops area on the left side of the screen. Next, click the magnifying glass icon in the "Find Loop" search bar and select "Shared only". This selects 1) Loops you've shared with other users and 2) Loops that other users have shared with you. Then find the file(s) you want to save and use the instructions above to save to your own Upthere account. Check out the video below to watch this in action:

For detailed steps & demo videos on using Loops, visit our FAQ  How do I share files in a Loop?

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