Can I refer friends & family to Upthere and get free service?

Yes! You can earn referral credits by inviting friends and family to sign up for Upthere using your personal invite code. Once a referral signs up with your invite code & starts their subscription, each of you receive an extra month of Upthere for free. This offer only applies to new signups using an invite code.

To invite friends using Upthere Home for iOS & Android devices, go into the “Account & settings” area, then tap “Invite friends”. Next, tap “Share my invite code” and choose an app / service to share with a friend (email works best). You can also tap “Copy my code” to copy your invite code to your clipboard, then send to a friend directly for them to enter into the Upthere signup form.

To invite friends on any device or platform, visit, log into the Upthere web app, and complete the invitation form.

Note: To see their referral credit, the referrer can log into the Upthere web app at and visit the Accounts page.

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