Can I rename my files in Upthere Home?

Yes — using the Upthere web app or the Upthere Home mobile app, you can rename your files:


Tap/click on a file to view its preview


Tap/click on the information icon


Tap/click on the pencil icon


Type the new name of your file


Tap/click "Done" or press your keyboard's enter key to save the change, then exit the file preview area

Here's a video demo that shows how to do this:

You cannot rename music files at this time. Since songs have well-organized metadata like artist, album, and track name, we keep this intact when you add your music files, and we rely on it to organize your music.

Remember, your files' metadata drives the search feature. Renaming your files can help you search your content in ways that make the most sense to you. We're always working on ways to make your files' metadata more useful to you, especially as it relates to search.

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