How do I add content to my Upthere account?

Manual  add from Upthere Home app on your mobile device

- On all devices, you can manually import files into the Upthere Home app by selecting “Import items” from the top of the screen or from the overflow menu.

- On iOS devices running iOS version 11+, you can manually add files directly from your Files app. Open the Files app, select one more more files, tap “Share”, then tap “Copy to Upthere Home”.

- On Android devices, you can manually add files directly from your Gallery or My Files apps. Open Gallery or My Files, select one more more photos, tap “Share”, then tap “Add To Upthere”.

Manual  drag-and-drop content into Upthere Home app using Mac & Windows

 - On Mac & Windows 10, grab any files or folders you wish to add and simply drop them anywhere on the app window. It doesn’t matter which file type they are — the app will auto-categorize and organize the content for you into its respective views (Photos & Videos, Music, or Documents). This is an easy way to get lots of our content added in one fell swoop — pick a folder with lots of files in it and drag it into the app window.  Check out the FAQ for detailed steps.

Manual — add from Upthere Home web app

 - Log into the web app at — tap/click "Import Items" at the top of the Flow page, select 1 or more files, and tap/click "Open" to add the files.

Automatic  Connect Camera Roll or Connect Gallery from your iOS or Android device

- To add your entire Camera Roll / Gallery — and to watch for new & modified photos to be automatically added — follow these steps for your chosen platform & device:

Using Mac, use the top menubar to select “Preferences”. A pop-up window shows you options to connect your Mac’s media sources to your account. Click the checkbox for “Photos” and close the pop-up window to save the change.
Using an iOS device, go to the Flow tab, tap “Account & settings” in the upper left corner, then switch on the option “Connect Camera Roll” — it will turn green to indicate it’s enabled.  
Using an Android device, go to the Flow tab, tap on the overflow menu in the upper right corner, tap “Account & settings”, then switch on the option “Connect your Gallery” — it will turn green to indicate it’s enabled. 

The Connect Camera Roll / Connect Gallery option will remain enabled as long as you are signed into the app. Each time you open the app, it will automatically add new photos on your device to your account. Note: If you sign out of the app, you’ll need to re-enable the option after signing back in.

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