Can I prevent certain files on my Mac's 'Photos' app from being auto-uploaded?

Yes! You can temporarily or permanently hide certain files on your Mac's Photos app from Upthere Home’s automatic upload feature, and they'll be ignored & not added to your Upthere account. Here's a video demonstration & detailed steps to do this:


Launch the Photos app on your Mac


Click “Photos” at the top of the left sidebar


Review your list of photos and/or videos and click on each file you wish to hide


Once you’ve selected the photos you don’t want to upload, right-click on any of them and choose “ Hide ## Items”. A pop-up window appears stating that this will hide the selected files from Moments, Collections, Years, and Memories (the same lists we scan files for upload).


Click "Hide Items" to confirm, then the files will move from the main "Photos" list to the "Hidden" list

Note: To select multiple files, use your keyboard’s Shift or Command keys while left-clicking your mouse. Here’s one of our support articles that shows how to multi-select items in the Upthere Home app; these steps also apply to selecting files in your Photos app and other Mac apps (such as Finder).

By using this trick, you can temporarily hide photos from Upthere’s automatic uploader. Then after your uploads are done, you can turn off automatic uploads in the Upthere Home app, then unhide the files in the Photos app if you’d like to restore them to the main “Photos” list. Just remember that any time you re-enable automatic uploads in Upthere Home, any files you wish to hide & not upload must already be hidden on your Mac's Photos app.

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