Can I see a list of social media posts & tips from Upthere?

Yes — click on a social media post's published date in the list below to watch the corresponding video demo:

Post Summary Published
"We just launched a new photo editor in our web app! You can edit, undo edits, even revert back to the original photo:
"Hey iOS users — Upthere works great with iOS 11’s new Files app! Upload directly from Files or from Upthere Home:
"Did you hear about our web app’s new file preview page & features? Now you can import files directly in the web app:"
"‘Life is short. Birds are flying.’ Read this week’s Loop of the Week to find out why Mehmet lives by this quote."
"Have you seen our library of social media posts, video demos, tips & tricks? Check out all our FAQs & help materials"
"Hey iOS users — now you can create a link to one or more files & share it on a public web page for anyone to see:"
"We all like free things. However, sometimes “free” has a cost, and often that cost is you."
"Did you know you can quickly browse items in a list w/o leaving full-screen view? See it in action in our web app:"
"You asked for infinite scrolling in our web app, and we listened! When you expand a cluster or list, items will now auto-load as you scroll."
"Have you seen our new & improved support articles about how to use personal & shared Loops? Learn more at"
"Customer support isn’t just a department; it’s everything about us. Check out our blog at"
"Did you take a lot of photos & videos this weekend? Add them all from your mobile device or desktop PC in one step:"
"Hey mobile users — did you know you can set any image as a contact photo (iOS & Android) or as wallpaper (Android)?"
"Our design lead @lobau shares some thoughts on respecting user content when you’re a designer. Check out our blog at #design"
"Hey Windows & Android users — did you know you can create a link to one or more files & share it on a public web page?"
"At Upthere, we see things differently. Read how we reimagine the personal storage experience on our blog at"
"Hey desktop users — did you know you can download all your stuff to your hard drive using our Upthere Parachute app?"
"Did you know you can search the text located inside your documents? Use our web app’s search to find all your stuff:"
"Our web app's support widget lets you search & view FAQ’s, watch videos, and contact support while using the web app:"
"Hey Android users — did you know you can change the date of a photo, video, or document? Check out details & video:"
"Our new & improved web app lets you search & enjoy all your stuff and manage account details — all in one place!"
"Did you know you can message Upthere Support via SMS text? Text us at (650) 200-2683 with your questions & feedback:"
"Search across space and time with the new Upthere web app & public share pages! Check out details & video demo here:"
"Did you know you can add files someone shared with you to your own account? Add it to a Loop & select ‘My Upthere’:"
"Hey iOS users! Did you know you can import files from Mail & iCloud Drive apps into Upthere Home? Click for details:"
"Hey mobile users! Did you know you can use your wireless Bluetooth headphones or speaker to play, pause, & skip tracks in our music player?"
"Hey desktop users! Did you know you can easily move files from iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox? Click for details:"
"Hey Android users! It's now easier than ever to share to Facebook, Twitter, or any other app you use. Visit our FAQ:"
"Hey mobile users! Did you know you can share your stuff on social networks like Facebook & Twitter? See demo here:"
"Did you know you can log into Upthere Home using your Facebook or Google account? Visit our FAQ:"
"Hey Android users — now you can save files to your device! Tap ‘Save items to device’ in the overflow menu in a list or in a file's preview."
"Hey Android users! In Music view, press & hold on an album’s title or cover art to select all tracks. Then add to a Loop to make a playlist. After adding some, tap Select All to add more albums’ tracks. Tap a selected track to de-select it or tap Deselect All to de-select an album."
"Did you know about list views & scrolling thru previews? Pick a file’s preview from any list & swipe/click the left & right arrows to browse."
"Hey Mac & Windows users! You can drag & drop files from your desktop, Finder, or Windows Explorer directly into the app window to add them!"
"Did you know that we allow you to upload photos in .RAW format to view and share with others?"
"Did you know that when playing music, you can add it to a Loop — even minimize the app and turn your screen off — without stopping playback?"
"Hey iOS & Android users, you can upload files directly into a Loop by picking 1, tap "Import items into this Loop" in the menu & add files"
"Did you know you can share the same file to several people? Simply share the file in one Loop or many if your friends know each other!"
"Did you know that edits made to photos, videos, and documents are reflected in all Loops the file is shared in?"
"Did you know that when using Connect Camera Roll / Gallery, editing photos on an iPhone or Android device auto-updates your Upthere photos?"
"Did you know that any files shared with you don’t use any storage space in your account and don’t count against your storage quota?"
"Did you know you can jump between months or artists in the Photos & Videos, Music, and Documents views by tapping on the floating headers?"
"Did you know friends can help you revise and edit your documents or photos without paying for Upthere?"
"Did you know you can track progress from any of the Upthere Home apps across different devices? This is super useful when you are on the go!"
"Did you know that a file added to 100 Loops takes the same amount of space in your account as a file added to 1 Loop?"
"Did you know you can make Loops into web pages instantly? Click Details > Public Web Page & we’ll whip up a link you can share anywhere!"

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