Tell me about Upthere's benefits & features

Here's a short list of the benefits & features of Upthere's service (also available on our home page). Check out other FAQ articles to dig deeper into all the things we do:

Upthere Home, the first app for Upthere, is designed to be the one home for all of your photos, videos, music, and documents. Everything is safely and privately stored directly in the Upthere cloud, so you’re not limited by the space on your phone or computer. Learn more about our technology.

Anytime, anywhere

Upthere Home is made for your multi-device life. Access and share the files you need, when and where you need them, in their original quality.

Storing your stuff is important but you also need to quickly access it. Upthere gives you the tools to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Search the way you think

Upthere auto-categorizes your stuff by photos, videos, music, and documents. Super fast search makes it all searchable by time, location, or type.

Stay in the Loop

When you need to manually organize your stuff, make a Loop. Loops are a quick and intuitive way to keep things together.

Upthere is the easiest way to privately share anything with friends and family, no matter what device they use. Share any mix of files, no matter how many or how large. Everything is always shared in its full, original quality.

A private place

Create privately shared Loops for trips, celebrations, or whatever works for you. Just choose some stuff, pick some people, and everyone can start sharing!

A living place 

Shared Loops are ongoing relationships. Anyone can invite people, add content, and comment.

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