Can I change the date of a photo, video, or document?

Yes — using Upthere Home for Android devices, you can change the Date Taken of a photo or video as well as the Date Modified of a document. This lets you control where your photos, videos, and documents appear in lists like the "Photos" tab and within a Loop (since all list items are automatically sorted by date in reverse chronological order).

Tap a photo, video, or document to view its preview
Tap the information icon
Tap the pencil icon next to the Date Taken or Date Modified field to change it
Web app: Type the date & time into the box, then tap/click the checkbox icon to save the change
Android app: Use the calendar widget to select a new date and tap "OK" when done, use the clock widget to select a new time and tap "OK" when done, then tap "Done" to save the change, then exit the file preview area

Your photo, video, or document should move from its previous position in lists to its new position based on the new date & time you selected. Check out the video demo below for details:

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