Can I download my Upthere content to my hard drive?

Yes — using the Upthere Parachute app for desktop, you can download your Upthere content to your local hard drive. Here's how to get started:


Visit our website to download the Upthere Parachute app
NOTE: Upthere Parachute is not optimized for macOS Catalina (10.15)


Install Upthere Parachute, launch it, and log in with your registered email address & password


Destination section - the downloads will be saved on your hard drive in the default /Downloads/ directory - click the button to change the destination if you'd like


Content section - choose one of the following options to download your content: NOTE: File names should not include spaces and/or special characters.
NOTE: File names must not include spaces and/or special characters.
- All content - your own files AND files shared with you
- Personal content - only your own files
- Selected Loops only - files included in any Loop(s) you pick from list


Your content will be saved in a folder titled with your registered Upthere email address ( in this example). Please note that the download can take a while depending on how much data you have and your internet connection.
NOTE: Interruptions to network service during download to your device can result in download failure.
NOTE: If you re-run Upthere Parachute multiple times with the same settings, only new or modified content will be exported.

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