How to organize using personal Loops

To organize your Upthere content using personal Loops, follow these steps:

Log into the Upthere web app or log into the Upthere Home mobile app
Go to a list view such as Flow, Photos & Videos, Music, or Documents, or select a single file to view its preview
Mobile app: Open the overflow menu and select Add to Loop. If you're in a list view, tap on each file you want to add.
Web app: Tap/click the 3rd icon on the right side of the page
To add to a new Loop, select "New", type a name for your new Loop (optional), then select "Create" to finish (mobile app) or tap/click your keyboard's enter key (web app).
To add to an existing Loop, choose one from the list, or start typing the name of one to quickly find one. Tap/click on the Loop to select it (web app), and on the mobile app, also tap/click "Add".

That's it! If you want to share your personal Loop with other people, check out how to create a shared Loop.

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