What does the retirement of Upthere's Windows desktop app mean for me?

On April 16th, we announced the retirement of the Upthere Home for Mac desktop app. It will be retired at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 15th, and you will not be able to log into it starting Wednesday, May 16th.

However, all the same content you see in the Windows app is available in the  Upthere web app. You can upload your files, organize & share your content, and much more. Here are some support articles & video demos to help you become more familiar with the Upthere web app:

How to organize using personal Loops

How to create a shared Loop

Can I add files directly in your web app?


Log into the Upthere web app at  https://app.upthere.com


Tap/click "Import items" at the top of the Flow page. If using an Android device's web browser, you must first tap on the downward facing arrow to show "Import items", then tap "Files" to select files to add.


Choose one or more files and tap/click "Import" or "Open" to add them

If for any reason you wish to download all your content to your Windows PC, you can continue to use Upthere Parachute. Here's a support article & video demo with details: 

Can I download all my Upthere content to my hard drive?

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