What is a Loop and how does it work?

A Loop is a place that combines content and people. You can add any type of file to a Loop, and you can add anyone as a member of the Loop. You can share your Loop with other people — for example, create a “Road Trip” Loop where everyone can add their music, photos, and documents. You can also keep a Loop private so only you see it — for example, create a “Household Docs” Loop with your personal health records, favorite recipes, and financial documents.

When you add content to a Loop, you can do all the actions under "Personal Loop" displayed below. When you invite people to your Personal Loop, it becomes a Shared Loop, and you and all members can do the actions under "Shared Loop" displayed below:

  Personal Loop Shared Loop
View content            X           X
Add content            X           X
Remove content            X           X
Edit content            X           X
Invite more members            X           X
Create public Loop URL anyone can see            X           X

To see how to use Loops, see how to organize using personal Loops and how to create a shared Loop.

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