How do I add my photo gallery to Upthere?

To add your Camera Roll or Gallery to your Upthere account, follow these steps:

Using a Mac, use the top menubar to select “Upthere Home” > “Preferences”.  A pop-up window shows you options to connect your Mac’s media sources to your Upthere account.  Click the checkbox for “Photos” and close the pop-up window to save the change.

Using an iOS device, go to the Flow section, tap “Account & settings” in the upper left corner, then switch on the option “Connect Camera Roll” (it will turn green to indicate it’s enabled).

Using an Android device, go to the Flow section, then tap on the overflow menu in the upper right corner. Next, click “Account & settings”, then switch on the option “Connect your Gallery” (it will turn green to indicate it’s enabled).

This option will remain enabled as long as you are signed into the Upthere Home app.  Each time you open the app, it will automatically add new photos on your device to your Upthere account.  If you sign out of the app, remember that you'll need to re-enable this after signing back in.

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