How can I search my content?

Search is the first step in finding your stuff & doing something with it. All the different views, tabs, and sections in the Upthere Home app feature a search bar at the top. You can use search to find specific files and to find types of files. For example, you can search for one specific video file, search for all your video files, or search for just your .MP4 video files. Just start typing in the search bar and we’ll show results based on your inputs (even partial words) — the returned search results can be multi-selected for activities like delete or add to a Loop:

- For photos & videos, you can search by file type ("video", "photo"), file extension ("mp4", "gif"), location ("Hawaii", "Canada"), camera model ("Canon", "iPhone"), or file name ("vacation", "home"). You can even find your panoramic photos by searching for “panoramic”.

- For music, you can search by artist, album, or song name.

- For documents, you can search by file type ("spreadsheet", "presentation"), file extension ("xlsx", "numbers", "pptx"), or file name ("budget", "warranty").

To search across all your stuff, log into our new & improved web app at Use the search bar & category filters on the right to search across all shared & personal content. You can drill down into more specific attributes starting from the broadest (a picture taken in Massachusetts) to the narrowest (a picture taken in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2015 using an iPhone 5). Check out our web app FAQ and the video demo below for more details:

You can also search the text contents inside your documents — Adobe Acrobat files (.PDF), spreadsheets, presentations, Microsoft Office documents, text documents, and tons of other file types. Check out our indexed text search FAQ and the video demo below for more details:

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